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The demand for a high-performance router has been increasing today. You need to be updated in the department of connectivity fully to unlock the potential of the internet. It is just so much you can do on the internet but yet there is not enough we have done in order to be able to fully use it. Slow connection, broken connections, videos stopping to buffer every 5 minutes, it’s all signs that you require to move forward and accept the change that is seamless internet connectivity. While a lot of vendors out there today, sell routers costing a fortune, finding the right one in the acceptable price range for your daily use is a little tough but not impossible. Just switching to Asus routers will do so much more for you than any other brand ever can.


Asus Router Setup

Parental Control

With the access of the network so complex that you can choose the content your child can see, Asus routers just make parenting easily. As a parent, it is unbelievable to think about the scams of the internet. With an easy Asus wireless router setup process; you would have the capacity to block the offensive content along with anything you don’t want your kids to watch.

Asus Extender Setup


The appearance of multi-band wireless routers has somehow changed the game. The constant flow of data from multiple channels decreases the chances of data collision. This, in turn, decreases congestion and thus unleashes the level of speed we see today with our own eyes. The dual and tri-band routers are capable to transfer data across multiple frequencies to multiple devices connected to the network and still have the chance of no data loss.

Asus Desktop support


In today’s time, just surfing the internet means multiple voices, data, and video packets are wanted to be received at the same time, we have to prioritize and distribute the traffic accordingly. We need a sorting mechanism inside the Wi-Fi router so precise that even if we surf websites and/or stream videos we face minimum lag while utilizing the maximum out of the router. This requires an efficient adaptive Quality of Service which can effectively sort the different type of data packets and thus let the router provide an efficient sorting of traffic powered and made simple by the dual-core processors powering its engines.

Network Printer Support

Network Security

When running the data it is also important to be careful of the worms we can bring home after surfing the internet all day. When your computer is protected by anti-virus software, your network could still be susceptible and thus unprotected to malware and other virus threats. It is quite difficult to observe your whole network but with Asus routers, things are easier than earlier. The network security AiProtection can exactly do this for you and give maximum protection to all your devices in the network.

Asus Tablet Support

Asus Laptop Support

Asus laptop provides you the technology from which you can easily stay connected to the digital world and improve the lifestyle with the worlds trending. Laptops are the best way to get in touch with the various culture. Whether you have an issue related to laptop’s display or you face the challenge about the audio or video quality of your notebook, then you can contact our experts.

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Asus Router Setup

The router has become a necessary need of people across the world. Having a router device makes your work to be quicker. Advanced world of technology nobody will deny the importance of utility of network affiliation. With the advanced features of the various router, you'll encounter several problems one may be fixing the router with correct settings. It is evident if you're using a device and when sometimes glitches were users failed to fix it at present.

Asus router not working: Fix this issue

Switch off the modem as well as the router. And after some time turn them on again and check for the internet connection.

If you have made a wired connection then make sure all the wires are connected properly to get the proper power.

Sometimes your router is heated too much. At that time, switch off for a long time and then after some hours turn it on.

Confirm that your computer has all the drivers to run the router and to attach to the router’s network.

Reset your Asus router. Most of the router's problem gets solved by doing so.

Again set up your device and also change the security settings to make your router secure. Change the wireless security settings to do so. Open the configuration panel and make changes.